Alumni Workshop

PCC-AO is excited to strengthen our relationship with alumni by showcasing their work here. Many of our alumni first got their feet wet in PCC classes as students or proctors. Here, we are able to show you where they have journeyed since their time at PCC!

If you are interested in the work of our alumni, please visit their websites and reach out to them directly. We know that they would love to hear from you!


Kristin Texeira
Painter – Former PCC Student and Proctor
I attended PCC the summer of 2003. I had the opportunity to take Painting and Creative Writing courses and I’m still using what I learned from those classes today. I live and work as a painter in Brooklyn, New York now. I felt a sense of freedom being in these creative classes. I learned that my favorite aspect of painting was color. I discovered that creative writing helped me uncover forgotten memories — subjects that I use to create paintings today. Most importantly, PCC helped me gain confidence in mediums I already had interest in. I began to uncover my true self there and treasured the interactions I had with others.
09 BSC 2003> from my series “Framework” all of the significant windows I can remember looking out of in my life – timeline of people and place.
Caption reads: “BRIDGEWATER STATE COLLEGE, 2003 PCC putting my hand on the cool white wall and recognizing that I was happy to be in this place and realizing it would come to an end quickly”

rjt photo 2

Ryan J. Tressel
Author, Podcaster – Former PCC Student and Proctor
Current PCC Master Teacher and PCC-AO Board Member
Ryan J Tressel is a PCC alumnus, attending the program in 1993 and 1994. Both summers he took the Creative Writing class, winning the Edward Cameron Award for Excellence in Creative Writing his second summer.  He continued his love of PCC and Creative Writing when he worked as a proctor in 2003 and 2004 and interned in Creative Writing. He has been the PCC Master Teacher of Creative Writing since 2007. Since that time he has published five books and currently airs the memoir-podcast Mnemonic. More information can be found at his website.


Josh Rubino
Photographer – Former PCC Student and Proctor
Having confidence is an essential trait when it comes to working in the photography industry. Whether it’s displaying one’s work publicly, making professional decisions, or speaking with a client, being confident is vital. Before attending PCC as a student, I had confidence in only certain areas of my life, but the growth I had as a person in those two summers was exponential and the program continued its magic on me in my four years of being a Proctor and Floor Leader. PCC, along with a few other important influences, gave me that self belief I needed to find success in a somewhat unconventional career path.

If you are a PCC Alum who would like to share your work, please fill out the form below and we would love to discuss options with you!